You choose the shoes

  • VALENTINO Tan-Go patent-leather pumps

As you might not know, I got married in July last year. Of all the things I had to think about before getting married (and believe me, there were a ton of details), the first one I thought of were the shoes! Is there anything better than creating a list of shoes I want to be wearing in the most special day of my life? (I hope no man is reading this, I doubt he will agree with this statement).

Even “hanging from my father’s arm”, which is in itself a guarding shield, I wanted my “means of transportation” to make me feel like a princess. Moreover, they had to be confortable enough to dance all night.

I could tell you I spent weeks searching online. I could tell you I visited every store in Lisbon. But that wouldn’t be true. The fact of the matter is, I bought the first white shoes I found. To be perfectly honest, I was very lucky… The first shoes I saw were a pair of perfect Louboutin pumps, white, medium height heels (one did not want to be taller than her fiancé on her wedding day).

If you’re not like me and this is of minor importance for you, or if your better half is, thank the gods, 4 inches taller than you (lucky lucky!), then perhaps your task is way more complicated than mine, since you’ll have way more options. I feel for you.

Take a look at the pictures that go along with this post, you’ll find a selection of shoes that would match many styles of wedding dresses. From the classier to dashing, truth is: the choice is yours. Don’t forget you’ll have to move on top of them, and greet those 150 family members you probably don’t even know… A tip: your face will look better if your feet aren’t aching.

Anyway, you have probably noticed I’m very fond of idioms and saying. There’s one in Portugal that says that if you want to look like a milliong dollars, you have to go through a million troubles. To that I add… Or not! The day is yours, and so is the choice!

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