Welcome to BlueGinger

Welcome to BlueGinger!

Sit back, relax, make yourself at home…

It’s neither blue nor ginger, I know. And you won’t find blue ginger to cook with anywhere (I think)… And that’s exactly why I fell in love with this name… ‘Cause my main goal was always to create something unique, something modern and different. Something innovative in Portugal.

Maybe one day science will create a variety of ginger that’s blue, who knows? ‘Till then, BlueGinger is mine and mine alone. It’s my home. And I hope it becomes yours as well.

Covent Garden, Le Marais, Route 66, Old Town… Through these streets you’ll get to know my taste, what interests me, my passions and everything about fashion. If you’re reading this from somewhere else in the world, maybe you’ll get to know a bit more about Portugal.

C.R.E.W stands for Collective Representation of Every Worker, and here you’ll find many professionals of the fashion industry. E-Motion is emotion and movement… All together, it’s BlueGinger!

Let’s celebrate fashion in BlueGinger colours… And so it begins!

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