Biarritz | Day 2

Waking up in Biarritz, at the Hotel du Palais, is more or less waking up like a princess. From the view to the “royal” breakfast, everything makes you feel like a princess, in the very least.  Also, trying to fit inside your clothes after 4 days of this is quite the task.

Today, Levi’s Villa, (the place which receives us everyday) had another themed lunch. This time: western mood. It wasn’t easy to dress the part without out luggage (yup, it hasn’t arrived yet) but fortunately the Villa had a whole room of clothes ready to be customized. Between mojitos and hamburgers, we created a whole look to go to the Big Festival. 

And about the festival… We danced to the music of The Libertines, Prodigy and The Kills. Here are a few pictures of the day and the rest of the group. We’re all from different countries, which can easily transform the Big Festival into a Big Mess… :) People trying to communicate in different languages can be hard, but a generous dose of good humour and a bit of champagne always helps.

That’s all about day 2. Who knows what will happen on day 3! :D

Loving Levi’s forever.

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