Biarritz | Day 1

About yesterday.

Amidst a few mishaps and setbacks, we managed to arrive at the airport on time to catch the plane to Biarritz. Actually, the plane to Madrid, where we had to change flights.

We arrive at Biarritz and… WHERE ARE OUR BAGS?? It seems they decided to stay in Madrid to see the sights…

We lost one hour trying to locate our luggage, and then off to our Hotel for the next 4 days (no luggage in sight) – Hotel du Palais or, in english, Palace Hotel. Appropriate name, since it was an actual palace. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to enjoy the hotel, as we needed to head to the shops to buy a few travel essencials (life essencials, actually) such as underwear. That’s what you get when your luggage is left behind at a dark corner of the airport (that’s how I imagine it, at least)… So we were off to the Lafayette Galleries, where we managed to get everything we needed. Yay!

Between shopping trips and phonecalls to the airline, we were picked up and ahead to the Levi’s Villa. Enjoy the pictures, the cool vibe and the pretty people from loads of different places in Europe.

Now all we have to do is wait to see what awaits on day 2. Stay tuned!

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