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A few months ago, I asked a team of my favourite profissionals in the Portuguese fashion industry to join me in a photo shoot that should obey a simple rule: to solely use creations from Portuguese designers or brands, of whom I’m a fan but, above all, a consumer.

I asked Helena Assédio to take care of styling, Joana Moreira to be in charge of makeup, Helena Vaz Pereira and Eric Ribeiro to do my hair, and my beloved Carlos Ramos to photograph the whole thing.

The result is a studio photo shoot in which the garments are the stars, and the stars read as follows: portuguese fashion is trendy, modern, versatile, sexy, urban, casual, chic and everything in between. You want proof? This is a photo shoot from last year, but it remains relevant and modern.

You can also find the making-of for this photo shoot in the E-Motion section. Enjoy!

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