STRADAlicious nº3

I don’t know if this happens everywhere, but in Portugal, we all have that neighbour that is regularly spotted taking our the trash or walking the dog in his pyjamas and slippers. All my life, I’ve been saying: the horror!!! You never know who you’re going to meet, who’s going to see you, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in my slippers and robe, seriously.

Well… This was my old midset. Thing’s are quite different now…

Fashion is in constant change, and that’s a good thing. In fact, it’s one of the things I most enjoy about it, the fact that it evolves, year by year, season by season, transforming itself in a swirl of trends and styles. It’s an endless cycle, as long as there’s creativity and ingenuity. And the world has tons of that, luckily.

This year, pyjamas have been reinvented. If they used to be something we only wore in our own house, in our personal space, not anymore. PJ inspired clothes are popping up everywhere, including the street style in the world’s most renown fashion weeks.

This is the fashion statement of the year. And here are some tips to rock the pyjama trend:

  • Pick soft and maleable fabrics like silk, cetin or cotton;
  • If you’re going for the full-body look, the best choice is definetely cetin or silk – cotton can give the vibe you just walked out of bed and forgot the get dressed;
  • If you’re going for just a hint of this trend, remember the upper-part of PJs is a perfect alternative to the traditional button-down shirt. A deeper cleavage can look awesome with a pair of boyfriend jeans;
  • Another hint could be wearing a kimono-like robe, especially if it has a pattern;
  • Do not pick shoes that look like slippers in any way! You’re not at home, and you run the chance of looking like that older-neighbour we talked about earlier in this article. My tip is simple: wear high heals and you won’t be running chances;
  • Another important note is to mind the details. For this style to work, it has to be mixed with the right bag and accessories.
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