New York in Levi’s® Altered

Nova York is one of the most stylish cities I’ve had the opportunity of visiting, with its strong personality and attitude people.

It’s a city that requires (actually, demands!) speed and a degree of comfort when interacting with it. As such, I had to bring one of my favourite brands, Levi’s®, with me. It fits well with everything and it’s always trendy. This season, the most famous denim brand in the world reinvents itself and deconstructs some of its most classic clothes in the new collection: Levi’s® Altered.

New pockets, altered needlework and relocated panels, the Levi’s® Altered show that even after 144 years, it’s still possible to be modern and trendy.

For us women, the highlight goes to the Altered Levi’s® Trucker Jackets and the 711, 721 e 501® Skinny jeans. All in blackwash and indigo tones, with reconstructed pockets, seams and panels.

For men, among other iconic clothes I highlight the 501® Altered and 511™ Altered jeans, and the new version of Levi’s® (Altered) Trucker Jacket in patchword and different tones of denim. Always in a vintage aesthetic, which I love.

Levi’s® Altered, because even the best recipes look good reconstructed… And how good do they look with New York in the background!

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