Nelly Gonçalves


When I think of a fierce woman, not afraid to run after what she wants or to fight for it, I think of Nelly. She’s a portuguese descendant who’s brilliant at what she does. And who has revealed herself as a genuine friend. And since I believe good people and good work should be shared with the world, it’s time for you to get to know Nelly Gonçalves.

When you think of a fashion week, do you panic (people don’t know, but you’re so much more than a stylist)?

Panic is a strong word… I stress out a bit when I see the schedule, that’s all… :)

Apart from being a stylist, I work for one of the biggest event production companies. I’m the backstage/catwalk coordinator for the big international brands in Milan and Paris. That entails organizing everything backstage, from the models to the show coreography, to runway entrances, etc etc. I have to make sure everything goes according to plan before, during and after the show.

We usually had about a show per day during the fashion weeks. But now, sometimes we have 2 or 3 in one single day, in different locations… That, plus all the rehearsals! We’re talking about really long hours. I cannot afford to make any mistakes, but I do love the adrenaline rush.

Whats your method for your work as a stylist during the fashion weeks? Which variables are more important when it comes to choosing the looks? The person’s personality, the event, or something else?

Fashion weeks are usually hard for stylists because the brands and showrooms are focused on organizing the shows and/or parties, so you have to deal with the fact that the garment you want could be unavailable. It’s a big event, all the VIPs want the best looks. What I do is try to antecipate and search the looks as soon as possible, way ahead of the events. But I do that for any work I do as stylist, so that’s not news.

To pick a look, everything matters. Of course I won’t pick the same outfit whether it’s a red carpet, a party of a fashion editorial. Furthermore, the people I dress aren’t the all the same, and I want them to feel good and comfortable. It needs to work. And it needs to represent the person, who he/she is, so they need to identify themselves with the look. That is very important.

One unforgettable moment in your career.

It’s impossible to pick just one! The first published editorial, the first DSECTION cover, the first fashion show, the first Cannes Film Festival, the first time I coordinated a show by myself, the first time I entered the headquarters of the most important prêt-à-porter and haute couture fashion house, getting the job with that same fashion house… I’m lucky to live and learn new things everyday.

One fashion icon (and why)…

In fashion, it has to be Coco Chanel. She wasn’t politically correct but her story fascinates me. She was a woman of today who lived in the past.

A trend yet to be invented…

Everything’s been invented already! Everything’s been done. What you can do nowadays is try to reinvent trend, give them a fresh interpretation with new fabrics or techniques.

Finally, an object of desire that breathes BlueGinger…

La petite robe noire. Simple, modern, fatal, sophisticated, rock… With different accessories, the same little black dress can work in so many different ways…

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