Helena Assédio


Amazing, wonderful, fantastic Helena Assédio, the brains behind that BlueGinger photo shoot you can find here, agreed to talk about herself and her work… Thank you Helena! 

I started working in fashion in the 80’s, by chance, but I do believe everything has a purpose. I always liked clothes, so things couldn’t have gone better for me!

In my career, I’ve been a follower, a salesperson, a creator, a buyer and always a consumer and fashion addict. I had my own consulting company in the 90’s, and in 2002 I became Fashion Director for Máxima (the fashion and lifestyle magazine). Since 2013 I’ve also been a freelancer and a multitasker: consultant, producer, editor, stylist and personal shopper. I’m still passionate about what I do, and that’s what keeps me going.

I also challenged Helena to answer a few questions, pop-quiz style. Quick and straight to the point!

Helena, tell us:

1. The magic idea that inspired the BlueGinger photo shoot… 

What inspired me in this photo shoot was, as always, my work, inspiration and intuition. Firstly, I like to get to know and observe the person I’m working with, which isn’t always possible. After that, I center myself, think about it, search for clues and get ideas.

2. An unforgettable moment in your career…

There isn’t one unforgettable moment, but many… Wonderful, surprising moments, moments of revelation and partnership, of friendship and incredible beauty. I’ve also had weird, baffling moments, of horrible stress and disappointment. To know, to see, to talk to, to councel, to dress and to photograph people takes you on many different paths.

3. A great icon (and why!)…

In fashion I have many icons, but in life I have so many more! But speaking of fashion, I have to mention 3 great people, in no particular order.

  • Grace Coddington, definitely “the one” when it comes to style. She started off as a model, then became a designer, a chef, a stylist and ended up as creative director for the american Vogue. A 50 year long career. The creativity, the esthetics, the style and sophistication are unparalleled. She’s a source of inspiration, dreams, style and a true reference. When the great fashion shows were late, it usually was because they were waiting for Grace to arrive… She had to see everyone and it wasn’t always possible to be there on time, she was always running from one spot to the next! Imagine the horror, starting a show without Grace Coddington, the fashion godmother, there… Not possible!
  • Suzy Menkes, the fashion journalist. For years, I saw her in the front row of fashion shows and read her pieces on the Harold Tribune, well-written and edited right after the shows. Her opinion was a strong one, and clear. I read her interviews with the “big players”, and have always respected her opinion but hated her hairstyle. She was the first feminine and feminist journalist in the United Kingdom and, at age 70, she’s invited to become Editor in Chief at Conde Nasté… All I can feel is respect and admiration. When interviewed, she admited she still had trouble with blogs, she’s old school. She also mentioned that it took a duchess, Kate Middleton, for the use of high and low to be socially accepted, which I found very interesting.
  • Coco Chanel, for her courage, inovation, boldness, incredible talent and unparalleled good taste. She was the woman who dared to design pants for women, wear fake jewelry and create a timeless perfume: number 5. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”, she said. And I agree.

4. A trend yet to be invented…
Fornasseti, great artist and designer, said that if you follow fashion, it will never be a step ahead, for everyone is doing thesame… I think what’s lacking is the trend of innovating and sticking true to yourself.

5. And finally… An object of desire that embodies BlueGinger… 

That’s an easy one, it has to be the blue jeans… Referenced a million times, revisited and redone, it’s the timeless piece of this and last century. From casual to sophisticated, relaxed to chic, comfortable to sexy, cheap to expensive, it’s ever so flexible. Jeans have no nationality, no ethnicity, religion, profession, social or political class. They’re wanted, needed and mandatory. And they are, by definition, the most democratic piece of clothes of all time.

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