Frederico Martins


Frederico Martins. One of the most determined people I know. Gives in when he believes it makes sense, and when he knows that will make his work even better. But he will always explain everything to you a thousand times, if he has to! He’s not afraid to take a risk. He works with any type of person. And above all, he makes you laugh.

I didn’t know him (actually, I had never worked with him, it’s impossible not to know his work), but I was left with the desire to work with him again and again.

This goes to show: in Portugal, we have plenty of talent to go by.

Your path is quite peculiar. An agronomy engineer that found photography, or a photographer that found agronomy engineering? 

I think it was more of the first option. I always thought I’d work in science, but photography spoke louder.

In life, we all have those people that inspire us, that gave us something that makes us who we are. Who are yours?

In that aspect, I’m a total cliché. I have to say my mother for the courage of bring up 4 kids by herself, and despite all the hardship still give us a clear sense of love, of family  union. My grandfather Mário Pereira for awakening my interest in nature, wildlife, arts and beauty. My siblings Pedro, André and Mariana, who always made me feel special.

Fashion is a creative industry in constant change. Have you ever looked at your work from say, 5 years ago, and found yourself thinking you wouldn’t do it the same way now?

I don’t even need 5 years, sometimes it takes days. But I also have a few that I think I’ve done well and wouldn’t change a thing.

Analog or digital?

Digital. I know it’s more poetic to say analog, but the truth is digital is here to stay and I love it!

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