MFW | Erika Cavallini, Moschino e Armani

Yesterday was a busy day at Milano’s Fashion Week.

Focusing only on the fashion shows, I attended one of my favorite designers, Erika Cavallini’s, show. In terracotta tones, the parade took place in an industrial place, as usual. I loved the oversized bags she presented, the only designer with this original concept.

The next show was in a school and the invitations were… Pens!! Yes, it was Moschino’s fashion show, after all! A more childish approach where several models shook the veil of the wedding dress with which Gigi Hadid paraded.

And, the last one of the day, Armani. The fashion show lasted about 15 minutes, I had never gone to one that lasted so long. Giorgio Armani was “all in” on his SS19. Furthermore, at the end, we were surprised by a Robbie Williams’ concert! The clothing kept its classic cut, between blue, water green, and some shiny materials like glitter and sequins.

There were also more technical materials, which reminded us of an airport – were the presentation took place. It felt like a real experience, we had to do all the things we do when we go on a plane trip.

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