Getting Ready | Globos de Ouro 2017

“Everything is going to be ok, everything is going to be ok, everything is going to be ok…” was my mantra for the day. And I don’t even believe in these things.

I came from Porto to Lisbon the morning of the Globes… as soon as I got here I realized I hadn’t even chosen the dress yet! Fortunately, Dean and Dan Caten from Dsquared had a great insight when they picked a dress especially for me – it was perfect and I was so flattered!

I went home, I picked up Tufão, my partner in crime, and on we went to the Tivoli Hotel, meeting the “Strada Gang”.

The whole thing was a bit nerve wracking, but the presence of my team, who I love so much, helped me relax. When time came, I took a deep breath and headed for the venue, to host the Red Carpet.


Fotografias Tomás Monteiro
Styling Nelly Gonçalves
Vestido Dsquared
Sapatos Saint Laurent
Joias Torres Joalheiros
Cabelos GriffeHairstyle
Makeup Joana Moreira
Location Hotel Tivoli Avenida

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