Camila Coutinho

Double Trouble. Camila came to Lisbon and the city stopped.

Some people have insomnia and that results in a sleepy face the following morning, which lead to snide comments from your co-workers or Marketing professor… That’s most people. Others however, spend a sleepless night and decide to create a blog that, years later, is one of the 10 most influencing blogs in the world. Yes, in the world.

The objective was nothing of the sort – Camila wanted to talk about the things she liked, and show it to her friends. The name, “stupid girls”, was kind of a joke, a few girlfriends talking about fashion, celebrities and whatever they felt like, not minding the opinion of anyone else. The problem (not really a problem) was that everyone else seemed to like what they were talking about.

I met Camila at ModaLisboa. Well, I known for years, if you count following someone on social media. No? Ok, so I met her at ModaLisboa and it was a pleasure. She also knew me in that global definition of “knowing” someone, and I tried not to look super excited by that fact (OMG SHE KNOWS WHO I AM!!!). She’s super nice and sweet and we went out for a dinner with some friends. She’s mad about portuguese cousine (not to brag, but it’s kind of impossible not to be) and she confessed she was falling in love with Lisbon and our passion for fashion and creativity.

We live in a globalized world and I like it. Sharing knowledge, culture and dreams.

Camila, the NICE girl. Iwas really happy to meet her. If you want to know more, visit her blog: You’ll love it! ❤️

edit: Podem também ver 5 factos sobre a Camila neste vídeo, na secção E-Motion :)

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